Board of Management

Board of Management

The Board of Management has overall responsibility for the running of the school. It serves for a term of four years. Our present Board was formed in November 2019. The Board of Management acts on behalf of the patron and in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Education and Skills. It operates as ‘one corporate body’. This means that “The board acts as one unit in terms of its function in addressing the business of the school”. 

The elected parents and teacher, once elected, do not act in a representative or communicative role. Two parents – one father and one mother – of children in the school are elected to the Board of Management. The two elected parents are then the ‘nominees’ of the Parent Body on the Board of Management. As is the case with the one elected staff representative and the two co-opted community representatives, the two elected parents are now part of a ‘Body Corporate’ i.e. the Board of Management, whose function it is to manage the school. 

The two parent representatives contribute to and uphold the decisions and policies of the Board of Management. This means that, other than the agreed report from each Boards of Management meeting, all other matters must remain confidential. They, the parent’s nominees, have no function in bringing individual parental complaints to the Board. Such issues can be dealt with through the agreed complaints procedure or brought to the Board of Management either through the Principal or by a letter to the Chairperson. 

The Board of Management will serve a 4-year term from its inception. The Board of Management provides leadership and ensures effective management of the school, within an agreed school budget and a framework of accountability. All eight members of the Board once appointed act together as a unit.


Members of the Board of Management, St Corban’s BNS, 2019 - 2023:

Johnny McMahon (Chairperson)

Deacon Fergal O’Neill (Patrons’ nominee)

John Drewett (Principal, Secretary)

Yvette Delaney (Teachers’ nominee)

Marjorie Quinn (Treasurer, Community nominee)

Jan O’Donoghue (Community nominee)

Carrie-Ann Devitt (Parents’ nominee)

Robert Kennedy (Parents’ nominee)

Board of Management Meetings are held every five to six weeks during term time. All submissions to the Board must be received in writing at least 10 days before the meeting and must be signed. This Board will be dissolved in November 2023 and a new Board of Management will be elected.

 Below are the Agreed Reports from this term's Board of Management meetings.


BoM Meeting 27 - Agreed Report Tues 13th Dec 2022.pdf
BoM Meeting 26 - Agreed Report Tues 18th Oct 2022.pdf
BoM Meeting 25 - Agreed Report Tues 30 Aug 2022.pdf
BoM Meeting 24 - Agreed Report Tues 21 June 2022.pdf
BoM Meeting 23 - Agreed Report Tues 31 May 2022.pdf
BoM Meeting 22 - Agreed Report Tues 05 April 2022.pdf
BoM Meeting 21 - Agreed Report Tues 08 February 2022.pdf
BoM Meeting 20 - Agreed Report Tues 14 December 2021.pdf
BoM Meeting 19 - Agreed Report Tues 09 November 2021.pdf
BoM Meeting 17 - Agreed Report Oct 5 2021.pdf
BoM Meeting 16 - Agreed Report Tues 31st August 2021.pdf
BoM Meeting 15 - Agreed Report Tues 06th July 2021.pdf
BoM Meeting 14 - Agreed Report Tues 11 May 2021.pdf
BoM Meeting 13 - Agreed Report Tues 23rd March 2021.pdf
BoM Meeting 12 - Agreed Report Tues 23rd February 2021.pdf
BoM Meeting 11 - Agreed Report Weds 20th January 2021.pdf
BoM Meeting 10 - Agreed Report Tues 1 December 2020.pdf
BoM Meeting 09 - Agreed Report Tues 20th October 2020.pdf
BoM Meeting 08 - Agreed Report Tues 15th September 2020.pdf
BoM Meeting 07 - Agreed Report Thurs 20 August 2020.pdf
BoM Meeting 06 - Agreed Report Tues 23rd June 2020.pdf
BoM Meeting 05 - Agreed Report Tues 26th May 2020.pdf
BoM Meeting 04 - Agreed Report Thurs 23rd April 2020.pdf
BoM Meeting 03 - Agreed Report Tues 25th Feb 2020.pdf
BoM Meeting 02 - Agreed Report Tues 21st Jan 2020.pdf
BoM Meeting 01 - Agreed Report Dec 10 2019.pdf