Religious Ceremonies

Rooted in our Catholic heritage and the values instilled by the Christian Brothers who founded our school, we place great importance on various religious ceremonies throughout the year, fostering spiritual growth and a sense of community among our students. During Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus through festive activities, prayer, and carol singing, while on St. Brigid’s Day, we honour the life and works of one of Ireland’s patron saints with special religious services for Catholic Schools Week.

Our school also takes pride in guiding students through significant milestones in their faith journey by preparing them for the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Teachers, students, and families work collaboratively, participating in prayer services, retreats, and other faith-based activities that enrich students’ understanding of the Catholic faith and its teachings.

These religious events and celebrations not only serve as opportunities for students to grow in their faith, but they also strengthen the bonds between our school community, parents, and the wider parish. By participating in these ceremonies, our students develop a deeper connection to their Catholic identity, an appreciation for spiritual traditions, and a sense of belonging within the St. Corban’s community.

Sacraments for the School Year 2023-2024

Confirmation – Friday 8th March

First Holy Communion – Saturday 18th May