Ethos & Culture

Our Catholic Ethos

We have a Catholic Ethos and try to live by the values and example of Jesus in the Gospels. The spiritual development of pupils is a central educational aim. The school values a broad curriculum and co-curricular activities in order to foster a deeper sense of the whole person, life and reality as a whole. Staff and pupils seek excellence, including academic achievement, in the context of a broad Christian philosophy of education. The school seeks to nourish the person through a varied academic curriculum, involvement in the arts, physical education and sporting activity, and a commitment to moral development and personal responsibility. Catholic pupils are prepared for the sacraments through a partnership of home, school and parish. In our multicultural community, we welcome pupils of all faiths and none. We nurture all that is positive in this new diversity and instill an attitude of respect for all. The school community is committed to growth in moral awareness and to the search for justice, integrity and care for the earth. An emphasis on pastoral care and student support permeates school life. We try to live by the Christian messages of: “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” and “Love your neighbour as yourself”. 

Our Culture

St Corban’s Boys’ National School is a caring, welcoming, inclusive learning environment where each child is welcomed, respected, cherished and facilitated in reaching their full potential whatever their background, nationality or faith. We are a learning community where children’s learning is paramount. Staff, parents and community members share in the educational development of the pupils in ways which are both stimulating and appropriate to the needs of the children in our school.

We work to ensure that all members of the school community work in partnership, having the best interest of pupils at heart, for the development of the whole community.

In our school, we seek to engage with and be present to each other with respect, humility, empathy and an open heart and to challenge ourselves and each other to be the best that we can be. We hope to teach our children to live fully and enjoy each moment, to learn enthusiastically with curiosity, fun and respect and to learn to love others and to see them as God sees them. We aim to provide the best opportunities for successful life-long learning.

School is not a dress rehearsal for something else, it is a children’s community, a key part of each child’s life. Children only get one opportunity to experience each stage of childhood and we aim to maximise their learning experiences and opportunities while they are in our care as they pass through our school.

By placing the child at the centre of all we do, we enable each child to feel valued, safe, supported and successful. Our differentiated learning programmes aim to challenge learners by stimulating their interest and curiosity at the appropriate level. In developing their knowledge, skills, understandings, positive behaviours and attitudes we equip each child with the confidence and capacity to succeed in their community and in a globalised world. We aim to help each child to maximise their talents and capacities to give their best, to be their best self and to enrich their life and the life of the community in which they live.

This will be the legacy of our work as a school community.