WSE-MLL Inspection – Final Report 2023

Apr 19th, 2023

The Board of Management of St. Corban’s BNS is delighted to share a copy of the WSE-MLL Inspection Final Report which the Department of Education sent to us this week. This excellent report is a recognition of the dedicated work of the whole school community of St. Corban’s BNS, over many years. The Board welcomes its affirmations, commendations and recommendations. We are delighted that the Quality of Pupils’ Learning, the Quality of Teaching, the Quality of Support for Pupil’s Wellbeing, the Quality of Leadership and Management and the Quality of SSE were all deemed to be “very good” – the highest standard awarded by Inspectors. 

The recognition of the high quality support provided to pupils with additional needs and very high quality support for pupils’ wellbeing, is particularly pleasing. It is a source of great pride to the whole school community that the Inspectors noted, that pupils were exemplary in their behaviour, their attitudes and their dispositions to learning and that all staff members managed, supported and motivated their pupils in a highly effective manner. We are also pleased that the great work of our Board of Management, ISLM Team and Parents’ Association was appreciated and acknowledged. Everyone in our school community should be really proud of the affirmation and recognition of the caring culture and high standards that the Inspectors witnessed during the inspection. Well done to everyone.